Thanks for your interest in VIDA! Follow these steps to get up-and-running as smoothly as possible.

What you'll need to get started:

  • A computer running Windows 7, 8, or 10
  • At least one smartphone or tablet running iOS (8.0 or newer) or Android (7.0 or newer)
  • VIDA for Windows
  • VIDA Mobile for iOS or Android

Part A: Install VIDA Mobile

We recommend downloading VIDA Mobile on your mobile device before getting started on your primary computer. Visit from your device to quickly download it. 

Just download and install VIDA Mobile from your app store for now -- we'll open it and start using it in just a moment.

Part B: Install VIDA on your computer

  1. Download and run the installer file from the VIDA website.
  2. When installation is complete, select the option to launch the application after the installer is closed.

Part C: Complete First-Time Setup

First-time Setup guides you through the process of getting your computer and your devices ready to work together with VIDA to protect data. All of the options presented to you (and more) can also be changed later in Settings. 

  • Your Computer
    There are two options on this screen. 
    1. The first allows you to set a nickname for your computer. This nickname will appear in VIDA Mobile. 
    2. The second option allows you to change where VIDA stores and manages your encrypted data. 
      • Note: The Default Storage Pathway is not where you will go to access files protected by VIDA, it's used only by the system. We do not recommend changing the default value provided unless you have an advanced storage configuration (e.g. an external hard drive) that you manage yourself.

  • Mobile Device Setup
    There are 3 available methods for linking a mobile device. For backup purposes, we recommend linking at least two mobile devices.
    1. Scan QR Code: If you've already downloaded VIDA Mobile for iOS or Android, open it up and follow the prompts to link your mobile device to a computer. After scanning the QR code using VIDA Mobile, your device will be linked.

    2. Text Message: Select this option and a unique link will be sent by text message to your device. If you have not yet installed VIDA Mobile, you will also be able to quickly download it from the App Store or Google Play.

    3. Copy link to Clipboard: To link a device through other methods such as email, you can also copy a URL to your clipboard. 
      • If you select this option, you must complete the linking process on your device before First-time Setup will allow you to advance to the next screen.

  • Recovery Method Setup
    Depending on how many mobile devices you linked in Mobile Device Setup, you may not see this step. This step provides you with a set of 12 random English words that can be used in the event that one of your devices becomes lost or inoperable. Save these words in a safe place.

  • Cloud / Network Storage
    On this screen you can connect VIDA to a public cloud service (, Dropbox, or Google Drive) or to a network location. You can also skip this step and connect to these services later in Settings.